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What do you mean by "When I try to mount any of the FFS partitions"?

Why aren't they mounted automatically and how do you (manually?) mount them (or try to)?

Switching from scsi.device to uaehf.device and vice versa shouldn't make a difference.

However, if you left the chipset extra with IDE port, but there is nothing connected to the IDE port, the OS (or rather scsi.device, which now has nothing to do any more) might need up to 10 seconds before it starts to boot. That's the same as on a real Amiga.

And scsi.device of course has all its limitations (like 4 GB and 7.8 GB) even on emulation. All these do not apply to uaehf.device.

So if your CF card was bigger than 4 GB and you hadn't installed the appropiate patches for scsi.device and FFS, then your partitions won't work on uaehf.device. That's correct. Actually on scsi.device it was not working correctly, your partititions were going to corrupt each other.
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