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[read-me] projects posting guide

after some tought, i believe it would be useful to start put some order on the AGF area. as you see for instance the threads related to EoB have grown over 500 posts each, many problems related to the games spread from one thread to another, other projects are starting etc.
so for now i've renamed some recent thread and the EoB ones this way:
[released]... for projects that have reached the status of a stable release
[ongoing]... for project not yet finished or in heavy betatest
[factory]... for threads that contain the thinkering of coders
[read-me]... rules and announcements
so for now i would like to know what do you think and if you ave suggestions on the matter.
In the meantime, all the new discussions should start either with the [ongoing] or the [factory] labels when RCK will be back and after some discussion, we will see if there is the possibility to host final version of the projects here on EAB.
thanks all in advance for the patience
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