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Oops, I thought I replied to this ages ago, but turns out I didn't...

Originally Posted by peceha View Post
In that video the maze has a dimentions 20x16 so it makes 320 shapes but if I want a bigger maze (eg.40x32) then I need more than 1000 shapes.
Yep, that's definitely not an efficient way of doing things...

Hmmm... I will have to find a different way, maybe instead of "1 title" = "1 shape" I will do "all the same tiles" = "1 shape" and that will reduce the amount of shapes...
Yep, that's much more like it The normal way most games and map makers do this is to assign each different tile type a number, and then build the level from an array of numbers, each one representing a particular type of tile. In that way, a simple maze-type engine can be built using quite a small number of tiles - maybe 20 or 30, leaving plenty of space (both in the Shapes object list and in chip RAM) for adding other content.
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