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GetaShape freezes my Amiga


could someone tell me what's wrong in here:
#G     =16

BitMap 0,640,512,2
LoadBitMap 0,"ram:gfx_hero.iff",0

cnt.w=1000   ;      <<<<---- THIS ONE IS MAKING TROUBLE
For y.b=0 To 8
  For x.b=0 To 7
    GetaShape cnt,x*#G,y*#G,#G,#G
  Next x
Next y

Free BitMap 0
Print "done"
The important thing here is "cnt" - when it is set to 500 I can run this code as many times as I want. When I set cnt=1000 then I can run this only once - the second time I run the code my Amiga freezes, cannot move the mouse, and no guru shows up.
I'm talking about Blitz 2.1 (max shapes number in compiler setting is set to 2000).

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