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Shadowing does do nothing and himem.sys probably breaks if it thinks it is enabled. Try setting 16M RAM which disables shadowing (chipset limit)
(I am not sure if dosbox memory handling stuff supports this in low level)

xtide log is weird, it sets very large multiple transfer mode (128) without checking if it is supported. Then formatting writes are even weirder, writes only one block every 128 blocks.. (Like it tries to use multiple transfer mode without actually using it)

Try pre-v2 xt ide bios. Or perhaps it is configured incorrectly. (I'll do more test later, i think I used 1.x version when I previously tested it)

winuae.7z updated, A2386SX default video mode selection works now correctly, it is fully software controlled in A2386SX (PCPrefs configures it), previous models had jumpers.
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