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Originally Posted by bitman View Post
OK, but in windows I can't see my CF card, since it's formatted for Amiga. So how would you decompress the ZIP over the Amiga OS install?
Make a folder, mount it as a HDD in WinUAE. Copy the contents of your OS install into that folder.

Using your favouire archive software in Windows (I use WinRAR) extract the contents of the AmiKit archive into that folder.

Then in WinUAE you can use DOpus to copy everything back to your CF (you should do a quick format on the partition you want to copy it to) and it must be called 'AmiKit'

I assume protection bits are lost or some files do not overwrite under emulation, it's not ideal to manage the files in Windows but it is the only way this release works.

I also found issues when using OS3.9 without any BB's installed, you should have BB1 & 2 installed for optimum results and you should install your MUI key in S:

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