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The following install works for me but I have a problem with my Mediator/Radeon setup.

How I installed:
I copied the archive over a OS3.9 install and checked it in WinUAE. Closed down. Compressed as a zip file with WINRAR. Copied the files over to my 4000D, CSPPC, Mediator with Radeon 9250, SB128 and ethernet (I only have SCSI-HD's).

Extracted on OS4.1 to the relevant partition. Copied 68040 and 68060 librarys and changed the EMERGENCY_CD file in DEVS/DOS-drivers to my SCSI-CDROM.

Booted fine and without any problems :-)

My Mediator/Radeon problem:
However! I can not get my Radeon working.

I have copied all the relevant Mediator files and installed Picasso (latest version) but when I boot I get a "Picasso96:Could not open rtg.library" error.

As far as I can see everything is as it should be compared to my normal OS3.9 install where it works fine. Just to be sure I updated rtg.library to the latest version also.

Anybody else have this problems/suggestions?

And thank you Retrofan :-)

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