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Originally Posted by lukassid View Post
Aca 620 works well with os 3.9 and classic workbench 3.9 but those use dramatically less ram than amikit. Os 3.9 works even without maxmem parameter (5mb ram only) but it quickly runs out of ram when you run applications. With maxmem it runs everything like Ibrowse etc no problem. I think you should edit your statements than it can be run on machine capable of running 3.9 with 8mb ram only. It needs 030 and 16mb ram minimum I'll say in current beta state.
I think I have that written everywhere, if not tell me where, please. Have you tried Workbench? Magellan needs more, although yes, I think a 630 is what you need, I'm just trying to help "unsupported" hardwares.

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
No, sorry. It needs a little more ram to run. With just 8mb and 2 of chip it boots , but almost out of free mem. 16 is recommended.
Perhaps this taked to confussion. No, it's intended for 16mb as you say.

Edit: Now I'm using 64 colors and I've connected with Wifi. There's an important thing about Genesis (if you use it). When you install it from the OS39 Cd, it can be the preferences don't work. So you have to copy to Genesis libs/mui/grouppager.mcc. You can get that file from the Genesis of Aminet. Edit: Or you can download BB1 and copy the Genesis.prefs from there, as it is fixed.

"Q: Genesis Prefs refuses to run without the MUI "grouppager.mcc" file installed; where can I find this? [fixed in OS 3.9 SE CD, BB1]
You can download it from the Genesis demo archive."

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