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Originally Posted by jmmijo View Post
So why no Men Without Pants.....errrr..... Men Without Hats and the Safety Dance

Also Queensryche with Silent Lucidity, this is a tune that my mother actually liked.

Then there is Soundgarden with Black Hole Sun.
Blackhole Sun was song from 90s. While Soundgarden and Nirvana both formed in 80s, all popular songs are from 90s. Another of my favorite formed in 90s - Alice in the chain. Interestingly, all 3 lead singers are now dead.

Post links for youtube, please.

[ Show youtube player ]

Reminds me always of...

[ Show youtube player ]

And another good vibe song...

[ Show youtube player ]

Not sure why, but apart form tubular bells, he liked to have shadows in songs...

[ Show youtube player ]

I always lowed dark premise of this song... and arachnophobia...
[ Show youtube player ]

Apparantly, this was most watched video on MTV...
[ Show youtube player ]

Late Glenn Frey, one of founding members of Eagles solo carrier...
[ Show youtube player ]

My favorite mix of rock and blues...
[ Show youtube player ]
I can listen to this over and over...
[ Show youtube player ]

Now, bit of fun... and guess what happened when even Jackson didn't sue him... Beat It!!!

[ Show youtube player ]

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