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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
And just a short while ago MMU comments were shot down with 'If you want to run Linux look elsewere' (sorry, i'm not going to hunt down exact copy pasta comments)

And this is why Apollo will never be a developer friendly platform, everything changes like the wind.
Ive been reading forums far too much, and the general sense I get from it is; people nag nag nag until Gunnar looses his cool. He says "NO FPU for you!". Then someone steps up outside the team and accelerates the FPU progress.

You could say that Gunnar needs to count to 10 every now and then, but when people prefere to focus on the shortcomings in a negative way instead of appriciating the work that has been done SO FAR, then I would have lost my patience far more frequent and earlier (I think).

So Gunnar isnt a perfect public relations guy, but an engineer/coder. Tbh the hardcore computer guys Ive met thru the decades have never fit the "PR" friendly mold.

Take kolla. I actually find quite a few of his posts intresting, and he raises decent questions. But like quite a few others, he often have to add a negative jab before he presses "post reply", for what? The reciver of said post will now have a negative attitude when replying, instead of an objective one.
And we end up with 10 pages of hostility. This happens in thread after thread. Again, maybe cause computer savvy people aint as good with humans as they are with compilers? (See, I did a jab too).
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