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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
OS 4.1 freezes after some seconds. Emulation runs slow (especially sound) if using direct3d (this is weird because I think I remember that with beta17, using direct direct3d everything was running smooth and directdraw caused slow down and crackling sound)
Try switching RTG refresh rate to chipset (Expansion panel). Try also new PPC CPU idle option.

Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
I just did a fresh install of OS4.1 Classic using beta17. The only thing I changed was to using a VHD.

The install went fine and quick. But after a reboot it starts to load, then after a few seconds it just sits with the CD blue light on (floppy and ISO are ejected). It doesn't error/crash so don't know if logs will show anything. I rebooted the PC just in case, same thing.
Add -log -scsiemulog command line parameters ("winuae.exe -log -scsiemulog" from command prompt) and attach winuaelog.txt after 10 seconds of nothing happening.

Then try with just boot drive enabled, I don't think SCSI has ever tested with that many devices enabled at the same time.
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