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I have designed the HDMI adapter board that will replace the DVI adapter board for those people that want HDMI output.

It also takes advantage of unused pins in the HDMI header that will allow users to feed their analog Left and right audio signals through the hdmi cable and breakout the audio signals at the TV end of the cable removing the need for plugging in an audio cable at the back of the Amiga itself.

It will require 2 easy pads to be soldered (L, R out at the underneath of the board). The motherboard would have to be removed in order to secure the HDMI adapter board to the motherboard (same as my previous VGA board).

If you do not want the sound portion then just use a regular HDMI cable and do not hook up the 2 wires. If people want to make their own custom HDMI cables i will provide the info. Basically pins 15, 16, and 17 will be used to carry the audio signal and the cable will have to be spliced for the audio signals to be reclaimed.

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