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I think..

B6 0B 00 00 initial header, this equals 2998 (0x00000BB6), which is the size of the TOC.. (offset 0-2997)


[00] - Filename length in characters (00-0C = 00 to 12 characters, typically 09-0C).
[FILENAME.EXT] - (00 to 12 characters this can be).
[00 00 00 00] - 4 bytes, this is the position in CHAOS.DAT of the file's data.
[00 00 00 00] - 4 bytes, this is the length of the file's data.
I agree with you. But first DWORD (B6 0B 00 00) it is not a count of sections, it is an offset to data start. I thought the same and extracted these files about two weeks ago. But do not understand what they contain. gfx - it is a graphic files, sfx - sound files: I hope. And ever level has two files *.dat and *.pld (for example N1chaos.dat and N1chaos.pld ) but they do not contain information about width, height of map and another stuffs. What do you think about it?

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