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Does it REALLY matter? Does it?

Lets be honest KO is ancient, SWOS is ancient both had their followers, both had their die-hard fans!!

The programmer of that footy game should have acknowledged sensiible software and/or Sensi-soccer simple!!!

Anyone attacking Mr Campbell over HIS opinions and views is being tad moronic.. Everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions, and we are not all going to agree all the time, but to let it degenerate into a name calling farce is just a tad bit pathetic (this goes for you Stuart aswell!!)

Stuart has his opinion and he voiced it where the developer told him to voice it!

It has since boiled over into another forum completely un-related to the topic that started it and has been blown out of proportion!!

Maybe its time everyone grew up and smelt the coffee...

anyway time for me to bow out of this thread, it really is pointless now, and I'd much rather we talked about Amigas and emulation..

So Stuart how are your feelings towards the Amiga anyway?
Any hazy nostalgia and good times you wanna share
Fancy doing an interview for APoV 2? I'm sure Cody would love the exclsive
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