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Originally posted by manicx
All I could see back then in AP was comments like "Sensible Soccer is the best Amiga game ever". Now, how come this be subjective when the guy who wrote this is a Sensible Software member?
You really are the world's biggest tit, aren't you? Nobody on AP worked for Sensible until two years after Sensi Soccer was released. Then I went to work for Sensible, at which point I stopped reviewing for AP. At no point did the two jobs EVER overlap.

Also, all I could see was a constant attack (ignorance?) about the Sensible Soccer alternatives.
Because we thought they were shit.

Fact is that when you have a strong position, an editorial position in a mag in the pre-internet era, you do not use it as a privilege to abuse others.
You do if you think they're shit. It was our job to protect people from wasting their money on shit games.

How would you react if an online mag comes up and say "SWOS is shit because Stuart Campbell was Development Director (or whatever)"?
Nobody EVER said that Kick Off was shit because of who wrote it. It was shit because it was shit.

Even worse, how would you feel if you couldn't reply to such statements?
We NEVER ONCE refused Dino a right to voice his opinion. The only time he ever actually wrote to us, we published the letter.

C'mon, you can't be serious, right? What if the site was stating "If you want to contact me, take the plane and come to Germany"... This is an issue that you have to judge how important can be and take appropriate actions...
The appropriate action obviously being "Do what the website guy asks people to do if they have issues or comments". If he'd demanded we come to Germany, that would obviously have been unreasonable.

As I said to you to my email, I bet you were crap in KO2 and never tried to improve in this game.
How much do you bet?

Anco even released KO2002, a tribute game to KO2, with the help of the Kick Off community.
Sell a lot of copies, did it?

And I am one of the obsessives who are trying to get this game converted to Morphos/AmigaOS, but with people like you out there, I wonder if these efforts should continue, or I should just say "It was shit, it is shit, so f*ck them"...
I can answer that question for you if you like.

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