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Trying to install JST games doesn't work

Hi there

I'm trying to install Chip's Challenge and Flood, both patches from

What I'm doing is using FS-UAE to insert the IPF of the games when prompted for the disk during the installation process. These installs use disk2file and similar tools wich I also have in the path.

Everything during the install process seems to go perfectly (reading track 0 to 159, etc, it says it's completed), but I always get an unusable image and running JST <slave name> results in errors and me back to AmigaDOS.
Errors are:


I've tried every IPF for each game, with the same results. I also tried different CPUs and memory configurations on FS-UAE when installing and running the games, with the same results.
IPF files boot perfectly on the same FS-USE, of course, so it can read them it seems (yes, I have the IPF library installed in the Linux side).

I'm using the IPF images in the latest CAPSDI, too.

Any help is appreciated!
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