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Thanks for pointing that out, I'll try to fix that. Sure I can maintain it, but I don't have time to test any game right now. So if you find any problems just let me know and I'll correct the xml. If KG will still release a new pack I'm not sure if it will be worth to make much changes though since I'll have to redo the file again by then.

Btw how are you using 2 fire buttons through winuaeloader? I can only configure 1 button there, and if I set a specific config on WinUAE then winuaeloader will overwrite that one. I'd be very interested on knowing that.

I have some demos on the xml I sent you already, please try a couple and lmk if they work. Open the xml and search for Demos, there's a section with a comment so it's an easy find. If they do work, I'll do the rest of the set.
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