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I'm also Portuguese, of the "old guard" Amigans (possibly one of the first Amigans in Portugal). I still remember when the A500 was advertised on the back of Disney comics!

I've had an A500, an A1200, and then my dream of the era, a souped-up A4000 (a towerized A4000D). My friends all left the Amiga sooner than I did; I bought a Macintosh laptop for University when my Amiga was getting old and there was no Java in sight (Java is my "bread and butter" today).

I still have the Amiga 4000, but it doesn't work anymore (the battery leaked). I plan to revive it (or buy another A4000) for fun and education purposes, but I just don't have the time or money right now. There is a thread here at EAB about this.

The Amiga was very popular in Portugal, I remember running around the BBSs with my modem long before anyone heard about the Internet! Some of us even got busted by the cops because we had access to really powerful data (I was too affraid to get into trouble). A few weeks ago we had a television documentary about these guys entitled "The Good Pirates". We could clearly see the Amigas (A1200) in the pictures the Police took when arresting the boys. Those were the times....

Now the plan is to get my hands on a new (SAM440ep?) and old (my A4000) Amiga machine for the education project. If my projects give good results, I might even start developing for the AmigaOS 4.1 (maybe porting the Java VM?).

I really think there is NO way the Amiga will ever be gone!
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