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Thumbs up Selling the lot. eBay links and explanation

Well, I'm in a right pickle. I've got raise some cash because my primary means of transport (Suzuki Hayabusa ) is very ill. I've been having running problems for a while and I've thrown some money and time at it and whittled it down to the fact that it can only be the crank. Therefore I have a choice - spend £1,000 / 16 hours of dealership labour on an engine strip and rebuild, or spend £250 on parts and lots of time in the garage stripping the skin off my knuckles.

I'm therefore selling my Amiga collection since:

1. Fiddling takes up a lot of my time - I need to spend it in the garage
2. I've turned into an upgrade freak and keep buying Zorro boards
3. I need to release some funds for tools / labour if it all goes wrong.

I've got the following on eBay:
  1. A2000 "bare bones" excellent condition
  2. A500 "Frankenstein's Monster" cobbled from bits - ideal as spares
  3. Mint condition 1085S monitor
  4. RAM expansion
  5. 2 x accelerators (1 OK, 1 not OK, but good for the chips on it maybe)
  6. 3 x SCSI cards (2 with RAM)
  7. 2 x SCSI HDDs
  8. More RAM
  9. Joysticks, games, cables, manuals, Workbench and OS3.5
Start at eBay item #


and work your way through. I think there are about 30 items listed.
I'm based in the UK and buyers can collect. I'll also post abroad but please contact me before bidding if interested in this.
I'd prefer it all to go to one good home, but seeing people selling job lots on eBay and getting loads of "will you split it?" questions, I think it's best to sell it piecemeal.

I'm really not happy about this, but I'll still have an A500 at home to keep my toe in the door
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