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Happy Call to all UK Sceners, old and new!


I think I best introduce myself. I'm rc55 (Ruairi Fullam), and I currently run the current incarnation of (well, yes it's very work in progress), and I also run the only multi-platform UK demo party called Sundown, which is held in Devon annually. It has been held yearly since 2005 and grown steadily - each time getting bigger and bigger.

Put loosely, the UKScene consists of around 50 people, and some of them aren't actually from the UK, but nonetheless we all band together for seasonal pub meetings, international demoparty trips and of course for Sundown.

Where does the Amiga fit in? Well, with Sundown we have competitions for MOD music, are friendly with Xeron's HivelyTracker and of course accept Amiga demos in our competitions.

Syphus of UP!Rough is probably one of the most talented chip musicians I'm aware of in the UK, and is an Amiga fetishist to almost scary proportions. Bonkers is part of Tolou, and Xeron is part of Iris, but they are considered UK Sceners too, so there is activity here and there! You guys may also know Buzz (Exotica), he went to the last Sundown and by all means seemed to enjoy it immensily.

I post here to ask that if anyone is interested in our scene to let me know and post your interest down below, and/or visit We are working on building a new site together and doing it /properly/, but not replicating information that may be available elsewhere.

I do admit I haven't even lurked here before, so I hope this post is fine for you guys. I hope you'll find something interesting with the UK Scene and I also hope some of you may consider coming along to our pub meets, party visits and Sundown.


Ruairi (rc55)
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