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I'm using gas (GNU Assembler) GNU assembler (GNU Binutils) with the tool chain 6.4.1b m68k-amigaos-gcc (GCC) 6.4.1b 20181227-113300.

GNU Assembler works fine and I was able to execute assembler programs on WinUAE, but when I make a mistake forgetting a symbol definition GNU assembler or ld treat the error like a warning. I would like the toolchain treat this kind of warnings like errors.

For instance, I define:
msg_length = msg_end - msgd /* error: msgd instead of msg */

GNUAssembler or linker output:

BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time ...)

The build is considered successful. I have tried to use --error-unresolved-symbols and -Wl,--error-unresolved-symbols, with no success. The option is not recognized.

Is there any solution for this? Is this solved/fixed in the next version of chaintool?
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