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back in the 1992 I had a ibm 386 ps/2 55sx, with 2 mb ram, 60mb hard disk and 16mhz cpu; my brother had an amiga 500 expanded to 1 mb.
for some games, my pc was better, even with a 128kb of internal graphic card, games ran in vga and faster than the amiga one (4d sports driving, f1gp)..of course some amiga's games had better colour, and all had a better sound (than the pc speaker).
even in 94-95 I think the result was a tie, 1 - 1, because my pc had the hard disk (and for games like indy4, monkey island 2, championship manager 93 94 etc.) was a huge advantage, but then some other games with only 2mb didn't work (sensible world of soccer).

so, probably amiga 500 was the right choice until 1995
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