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I checked more and it seems relative jumps have been replaced with absolute jumps. At least previously trampoline didn't need any extra options. Does it need one now?


H0+$3E2 082B5DBA 4EB9 082B8868          jsr     $082B8868
H0+$3E8 082B5DC0 C6AB 09C8              and.l   $9C8(a3),d3
H0+$3EC 082B5DC4 6700 FF66              beq.w   $082B5D2C
H0+$3F0 082B5DC8 4AAB 0092              tst.l   $92(a3)
H0+$3F4 082B5DCC 6608                   bne.b   $082B5DD6
H0+$3F6 082B5DCE 204B                   movea.l a3,a0
H0+$3F8 082B5DD0 4EB9 082C17A0          jsr     $082C17A0
H0+$3FE 082B5DD6 204B                   movea.l a3,a0
H0+$400 082B5DD8 4EB9 082C176C          jsr     $082C176C
H0+$406 082B5DDE 204B                   movea.l a3,a0
H0+$408 082B5DE0 4EB9 082B6A0E          jsr     $082B6A0E
H0+$40E 082B5DE6 6000 FF44              bra.w   $082B5D2C
Old: (Offset difference because new value was added to structure)

H0+$3B4 08302D4C 4EBA 29B2              jsr     $08305700(pc)
H0+$3B8 08302D50 C6AB 09C6              and.l   $9C6(a3),d3
H0+$3BC 08302D54 678A                   beq.b   $08302CE0
H0+$3BE 08302D56 4AAB 0092              tst.l   $92(a3)
H0+$3C2 08302D5A 6606                   bne.b   $08302D62
H0+$3C4 08302D5C 204B                   movea.l a3,a0
H0+$3C6 08302D5E 4EBA 045A              jsr     $083031BA(pc)
H0+$3CA 08302D62 204B                   movea.l a3,a0
H0+$3CC 08302D64 4EBA 045A              jsr     $083031C0(pc)
H0+$3D0 08302D68 204B                   movea.l a3,a0
H0+$3D2 08302D6A 4EBA 0B78              jsr     $083038E4(pc)
H0+$3D6 08302D6E 6000 FF70              bra.w   $08302CE0
Options are still the same:

LIBS=-nostdlib -lamiga -lgcc -lnix13 -lnix -s

CFLAGS=-Os -fbbb=+ -m68000 -noixemul -fomit-frame-pointer -nostartfiles -mregparm=3 -msmall-code -s \
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