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Re:LLVM backend

LLVM is a bit heavy to actually run on the Amiga even with a Vampire v4 with its 512 GiB memory. There are a few options that might be able to get it on there. LLVM is modular and unlike GCC, has reentrant optimization passes. This would open the possibility of making the passes into shared libraries and only opening the active pass and closing it once it is no longer in use. This hand-over-hand technique will be slow but effective.

Re:Alternatives to LLVM

The Rust community has made a lightweight alternative to LLVM called CraneLift. The catches with this one is that CraneLift itself is written in Rust and isn't presently supported by current Rust compilers because the only backend written for it is AMD64. Although it generates code 30% faster than LLVM on that platform, the code generated is almost as fast as the code generated by LLVM.
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