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I remember running my Amiga off various CRT TVs back in the day, and on non-interlaced screen modes, the screen would be steady as a rock, no flickering whatsoever.

Then, when I made a VHS recording off of my Amiga's output at around 1994, I discovered that the VHS tape also played back with rock-steady lines in the non-interlaced parts.

Finally, in early 2003-4 or so, I had the means of transferring the VHS tape to DVD via a DVD recorder that took VHS tapes, and immediately, I noticed upon both VHS playback and DVD playback, that this recorder had ADDED interlace to those formerly rock-steady parts. It made sense as I suppose, because of the stricter standards in more modern equipment, and I sometimes wondered if back then, changing the signal as the Amiga did would damage the CRT TVs I used it on. Apparently not, but finally, the interlace flicker was there throughout the Amiga DVD, no matter what the original screen mode was!
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