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You can eliminate scanlines on the Amiga?

While doing a search on the internet for some technical details about another love I have (the zx spectrum ) I came across a comment someone posted which made me really curious:

"One interesting thing with the Amiga was there was a software hack you could use to eliminate the scan lines. I used to use a program that would force it to output non-interlaced workbench screens in interlace mode, only at the same resolution (640x200 or x256) with each line of the image repeated twice. This would get rid of the scan lines without adding any flicker since every two lines were the same, so there was no contrast change between them.mnem May 25 '17 at 17:49"

The original page can be found here:

I am not sure what he means but is that even possible?
If so, could it be forced in games?
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