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Compression cards for Amiga?

While browsing through some old classic Macintosh software, I tested the Disk Doubler utility, which acts similar to PowerPacker and compresses files on the fly, thus effectively "doubling" the disk space. When running it I saw it searched for Double Up card and more search revealed this:

DoubleUp is the first real-time lossless data compresĀ¬
sion card for the Macintosh NuBus family of personal
computers. It enables users to double the effective
storage capacity of their hard disks. Real-time means
that data, images, and applications can be compressed
and decompressed at speeds that are virtually unnotice-
able to the user. The lossless compression method
ensures that data is never lost or altered.
So my question is - did similar card exist for Amiga for on the fly compression/decomression?

I know the Delfina has DSP and there is the MAS player, which makes it effectively possible to replay MP3 files on 680x0 Amigas, but these are for decompression and for lossy (not lossless) formats.
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