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Would be interesting to see what it tries to a virtual hard drive that is an OS folder, vs a HDF file that have a legitimate RDB set up.

Looked from that link I posted that there were plenty of Atari ST viruses, but I tend to think more people used the ST for more serious applications and were less likely to pirate the professional applications, whereas the Amiga had a more popular warez scene and more games (eventually) causing a lot of the gamers to leave the ST for the Amiga after the 500 on up came out.
Of course the big box Amigas were used for more serious software as well, but most people didn't jave the high end ones unless they had reasons for it. STs were also considered cheap Macs for a while, though I think Amiga does the emulation better, I think that came after the ST version.
Interesting that one of the latest Amiga viruses was released in 2003. Wonder if OS4.1 or Aros or MorphOS have any..
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