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Originally Posted by Syntrax View Post
Issue with AMIMSX is for example in the sound system. You select either SCC XOR PSG. If you take the PSG, you will not hear the SCC chip in modern Konami's. If you take PSG, Konami's with the SCC chip will not make music. For a lot of Konami games you will only get 50% of the sound experience. There is also a timing issue where AMIMSX is simply to fast for a real MSX game. Music plays too fast.

FMsx is not dead yet, latest release (5.4) was in 2018 and the system supports a lot of hardware, MSX2+ etc. The latest version for amiga was left at 2.3, so thats dead. (See aminet). You can download the code for fmsx 5.4 its all C, so your milage may very: I don't know why the maintainer of amiga fmsx stopped.

OpenMSX supports lots of exotic hardware IDE controllers, V9990 video chips, FM-PAC, Music Modules etc. Some of it can easily be simulated on an amiga (IDE controller that uses a harddisk file as HD), others like the V9958 (used in MSX2+) create more colors than an amiga can show (19000+), the FM-PAC or Music Module have 5 of 7 audio channels with embedded patterns for instruments. This comes at a price: even a I7 with OpenMSX in stationary mode consumes 30%

So in general: Amiga is not capable of emulating the modern features of MSX, FMSX on Aminet emulates MSX as it was and needs no updates to play games.
How hard is it to port the fMSX 5.4 C into Amiga? We have V2 and with V4 coming in the future we are more capable of running modern features of MSX on Amiga and enhance timing and compatibilities as well. You said FMSX currently emulates MSX as it was and does not need updates. May I say there is false on that. So many games are not emulated correctly, including graphic glitches, sprites not showing, etc. It need lot more update to make 3.4 or 3.5 for Amiga to become a useable source.
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