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Having just spent a weekend sorting through my spare room chucking loads and loads of stuff (nothing Amiga, don't worry!) I have to say that I am now very much in line with DamienD on this. I am accumulating far too much crap (sorry, quality stuff!) so as much as the boxes and limited edition stuff are nice to look at, I prefer digital download and yet I still believe in rewarding the developers by paying something. But no, not monthly subscriptions.

Of much bigger concern to me is the amount of CDs that I've pulled off the shelf that have just been sat there for years unopened and yet I cannot read them any more. This is partly down to rubbish modern USB CD drives so I was horrified to find it not obvious if it's even possible to buy a decent mains powered external DVD drive any more. Couple that with the fact the only PC I have left with an optical drive is on the verge of dying (it takes more and more persuasion to start each time I use it) and I have the very real problem of content I've bought and thought safe but can no longer read / access.
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