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Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
Well done guys, impressive stuff!

I just saw the PC demo and I have to say that bringing this to Amiga makes good sense (at least from a technical standpoint). Visually it's excellent and gameplay wise it seems quite polished also!
I also have to give kudos for the new cooperations you guys have started (for this game and Hard Copy party) plus the fact that both productions seem to aim for a high quality result. We surely need more of this mentality in the community!

Go Amiga Wave!

A question: The PC version seems to be only a demo so far. Do you plan to do an 1-1 port of this (given the hardware restrictions of course) and leave it there or are there any thoughts of a complete game?
Thanks in advance. We hope that Amiga version of EON will have some extra features than PC.
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