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After several months of testing and the joint effort between AmigaWave and Goblins, the time has come to present our new work in progress for 2019, EON for Amiga.

EON is a game designed and published in 2014 for PC by Fran├žois Perez, also known as Wonderboy Bobi. The game was created from a PC maker and therefore we do not have a source code from which to start. The game will be recreated from scratch for Amiga AGA / CD32. We are still studying the possibility of investing time in adapting it to Vampire and AmigaNG (MorphOS, AmigaOS4, AROS, etc ...), but this is still not certain, everything will depend on the strengths that remain after finish the AGA version and the interest that we see in those systems.
In the technical section of the game, EON is designed to make use of the dualplayfield and scroll parallax for almost the entire game, thus obtaining a visual and gaming experience worthy of an AGA machine. The main development will be for AMIGA AGA with 020 to 14Mhz and 2 Mb of ram, so you will need at least one Amiga 1200 or a CD32.

The game is a mixture of RPG of adventure and action, where you will have to go obtaining a series of objectives and solving some puzzles or enigmas to be able to continue progressing in the adventure.

There is still a lot of development and work ahead, so I ask you a little patience.
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