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AmigaOS 3.1.4! [beta]

In my opinion possibly one of the most interesting things to be shown at Amiga32 from what I heard this weekend, and sadly not mentioned much, is the showing of a new version of AmigaOS 3.1 by Hyperion. Caught it on FB thanks to EAB user SimonV, all credit to him who was showing it at the expo! Photos pinched from there.

Olaf has talked about this a bit here, but I think this is the first time it's shown in the wild, and it actually sounds really exciting.

I transcribe here a sum-up of the text of the "What's new?":

Updated AmigaOS 3.1 by Thomas Richter and Olaf Barthel

Lots of bug fixes and:
- Fast File System with native 64-bit support for NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI, long filenames and resizable media support
- CrossDOS with native 64-bit support for NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI support, long filenames and resizable media support, new mfm.device
- Format, DiskCopy and HDToolbox with 64-bit support based on NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI support, plus bug fixes
- C:Mount for large media, direct SCSI support and resizable removable media
- Working soft links for the RAM disk and Fast File System
- Shell tools with long filename support, softlinks and large media support
- Math libraries that reconfigure themselves when an FPU becomes available after loading.
- New DIR command with nicely formatted output
- New Workbench that also copies links
- CPU command with 68060 support
- exec.library that no longer dies on 68060
- SetPatch, without NSDPatch and RomUpdates (not needed anymore)
- Intuition with off-screen window dragging
- aux-handler now completely rewritten in C. No more BCPL code in AmigaOS!
- More bugfixed portions: audio.device, asl.library, Compugraphic fonts, diskfont and fixfonts, icon.library, iffparse.library, Installer, iPrefs, Locale, parallel and serial devices, RAMlib and RAMdrive, rexxsyslib, scsi.device, speak-handler, More, and others
- Added V45 layers.library, V45 execute command, V46 Shell

Hopefully we get to see this released soon!

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