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Yep, it's why I've never had any great desire to be a mod......I'd never get anything done on HOL/AMR etc. and I suspect it would start to interfere with real life eventually. Kudos to you for putting your hand up again for it!

Unfortunately, mods are a necessary evil since it's quite clear that self-moderation just doesn't work on net forums period (it sure didn't in usenet newsgroups prior to them!). I was very glad you put your hand up again for the job - I remember being on the verge of sending RCK an email expressing outright frustration concerning the EAB anarchy that was going on at the time.

It's just a great pity that important things like moderation get left to two or three key individuals, while others in the larger group seem to disappear for long periods in a given year (or completely, never to be seen or heard from again, after the initial novelty has worn off! <----- common occurrence with HOL/AMR recruits too BTW ;-p).

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