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Originally Posted by Silwuff View Post
Hi Liviux, thanks for your reply... I installed it as the diagram shows, but when it didn't work I DID try it the other way round to see if it made any difference >.< probably a very bad move on my part. I've had other components connected wrongly and they never caused this much damage. I guess you learn these things the hard way.
Hello mate, I can understand your "move", it's "quite normal" to try the other way since it didn't work in the right position but, "with hindsight", it has certainly been a bad move... however they should have made the expansion in a shape that it is possible to plug it only in the right way...

It is also true that when you plug something the wrong way sometimes nothing bad happens (it just doesn't work). That is what happens when the plugs are only for data but consider that some voltage goes from the mainboard to the expansion card and probably when you switched on the computer a short has burned some components.

I am sure you will be able to have a new working A500 (with expansion) soon. Good luck!

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