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I'm not really sure what to say here

Tonight I've tested this game using the following:

... Quickstart A1200 - 4 MB Fast RAM expanded configuration + Cycle Exact [x 3 times]
... My usual v1.0.0 configuration (only difference when comparing to a v3.3.0 Quickstart is the following selected; 24-bit addressing / Wait for Blitter / Chipset Extra = 1200 as opposed to Generic) [x 5 times]

Not once has it "frozen"; I'm at a loss as to why no matter how many times I tried last night it was pretty consistent with "freezing" yet tonight not once... Also; absolutely nothing has changed...

Anyway, so sorry for wasting your time Toni. Appreciate your guidance / help my friend

Very glad that all now seems stable though (but no idea as to why suddenly)
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