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Not enough time

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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
I agree...its well thought out.... But how many will *actually* buy it if it's priced at say €250? (At that price you can get an expanded A1200, although I get it that the target audience might not want a 1200)..
What's the sweet-spot? €100 €150? €200?
I suspect pricing may well go beyond a widely assumed/anticipated sweet spot. I went down the A1200 / 030 / CF route to own the all rounder (I'd recommend this to everyone too). I bought another A500 because it was my original machine, the one I regretted selling when I left home, the one that plays all the games I cherish. I see the Zeus as all the things I wanted back in the day as upgrades rolled into one.

I for one won't care if it's perceived as expensive, as long as it's compatible, reliable and awesome. I still want one
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