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I just know that to create for PC a good first person RPG adventure, like Eye of the Beholder, with comparable graphics, so nothing requiring large teams of people, it still requires a two people team more than two years, working on it ten, fifteen hours a week.
It is scary how good the teams doing this kind of stuff > 20 years ago were, how much they invented.

I started this thread curious about Amiga specificities that would factor in such a choice today, to develop for Amiga, and now, with little exceptions, I'm convinced that there would be no point at all.
It still could work for a very odd project, imho, something so very creative, even in the use of the platform, that it could make sense, if the whole thing would not be expensive to produce.

Something like that adventure game out few years ago on Commodore 64, amazing for the kind of game it was on that unsuitable platform, and commercially sold.
But everything less than that in creativity, no matter ho good or how "AAA" could be done at least equally, on current platforms.
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