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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
I'm with TroelsDK on this.

I would willingly have parted with money to get Graham Humprey's recently released Downfall for the Amiga if it were not freeware.

Also, the uncluttered look of the OCS version is preferable to the AGA version, IMHO.
Thank you for your kind words Prowler, they are appreciated I deliberately made the decision to make Downfall freely available complete with source code as I felt it might have more chance of inspiring people to pick it apart and start to learn how to code themselves, which I felt was more important at that stage (and personally I felt it was a bit too thin to charge for but I really appreciate your thoughts!).

As for the topic at hand, I agree that there's nothing wrong with writing games for a standard A500. If you're going to start saying "what's the point?" you may as well take that to its logical conclusion and only write stuff for the PC or mobile devices. Personally although I own an A1200 with an '040 in it I will generally target either an 1MB A500 or a stock A1200 for my games. Indeed my next project which I am working on will run from disk on an A500. Although of course all games will be hard drive installable and that's not to say enhanced versions/features won't happen for expanded machines.

I would love to see somebody release a proper boxed game for people to own. It would be really cool and it is something I will be looking into when I get to the appropriate stage with this project I think, if it's good enough. It's not really about making money (although a little beer money would be nice, of course, but nobody's going to make major amounts from this let's face it), just seeing it packaged up like an old commercial game that people can buy and collect is surely an awesome feeling. I've seen some of the physical products for the C64 and the work that has gone into them is staggering, they look so professional and they would not look out of place on a shelf full of games. I'd love to have an Amiga game released in this way. Obviously the game does have to be up to scratch too...
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