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First, the PAL/NTSC thing requires ECS/AGA chipset. On an OCS machine, it will do nothing as that register doesn't exist.

I suspect when you are doing the move to $dff1dc it is changing but you are probably in the AR cart at that time and switching it straight back to what it previously was. If you ran it as a program on ECS/AGA I am sure it would work. (That's all the AGA fix intro I use does).

[BTW if you are trying that PAL/NTSC stuff for Fighter Duel Pro, don't! That has nothing to do with the PAL/NTSC check, I'll bet it checks the frequency via Execbase looking for #50 or #60 to decide whether it's PAL or NTSC. When you move.b #$20,$dff1dc it doesn't change ExecBase at all so the game will still say "sorry, needs a PAL machine" or whatever. You must kill the check routine not just hardwire $dff1dc].

As for 20000 leagues, yeah Dos games suck. You could try searching for $bfe001 accesses for when you press the mouse down on a colour?

(The other thing which would be good but is a slim chance would be when the game crashes, it might do the RESET command so if you searched for that opcode you could trace backwards from there. It could crash via other means however so there is probably not much of a chance that you will succeed via this method. ie. game could just set a0=0 and clear (a0)+, increment it and keep clearing until the amiga crashes!)
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