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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
So this level is also on the Sega CD version/Heart Of The Alien, from what I can tell.
Would be great to have a CD32 release that resembles the Sega CD release!
I would really like it if the new level could be put in the full game on Amiga, but I haven't had any luck doing this.

Strictly speaking it could be done one of two ways:
- Copy the entirety of the DOS data across, which was my original intention. I ran into severe graphical glitches that I couldn't work out how to fix, mostly in the first level (fortunately there was only one tiny issue with the new level, which I was able to patch around)
- Splice the new level by itself into the Amiga data, I started looking at this but it seems it might be complicated to properly merge the resources from the two versions.

Bringing all of the DOS content across but stripping out (almost) everything unrelated to the new level is the best I could come up with. Unless someone else can do the complete port I'll make a HOTA CD with Another World/Lost Level/HOTA as separate games.
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