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Thank you grelbfarlk. Download works fine.

However I don't gain any speed with remapKS.

When I start Sysinfo 3.24 without remapKS, all the libraries already are at 0x1000.xxxx (which is the start of the mongoose's fastram) and I'm not sure why.

I'm using ClassicWB Lite, does it do maprom somehow automatically?

The card is a DKB 1240 "Mongoose" which is a 030 @ 50Mhz. The 030 is a full version, so including a MMU.

Edit: Sorry I overlooked something: At top of Sysinfo "kickstart" is at $00f8.0000 but all the libs and devices are in Fastram at $1000.0000+. Starting remapKS or not using it doesn't make a difference.
Does this mean the kick is mapped or not? (If not I wonder if remapKS of Cobra and Mongoose are compatible.)

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