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Noob question on accelerator emulation

Hi folks, have a question about emulating accelerator cards.

First the basic one, even though I can "get it to work" I'd like to unsderstand what I do wrong manually:

If I go to quickstart and select a 1200 with a blizzard (say a 1230), it works "fine", I get the wavy lines on boot, the extra 32MB, etc.

But if I try to set this up manually, choosing the options for a 1200 and then in the accelerator board part selecting the exact same model, rom file, ram, etc., it-s as if I didn't do anything and the card does not seem to be installed, no extra RAM, nothing...

What could I be missing to do in the manual setup?

Second part... if I select a Blizzard 1230 and enable the FPU option, in sysinfo it correctly shows there is an FPU. If I also check MMU, this does not change and MMU shows disabled...
When selecting a 1240, the FPU is auto-selected as internal, but sysinfo shows FPU "(DISABLED)"... Same with the MMU, selecting it seems to do nothing...

Thanks for your help in un-noobing me...
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