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I saw your discussions with gunnar on apollo forum until you were removed. You did not ask or giving ideas, you requested him to do what you want. Then you talked about your investors you would bring in if he does what you want. You have nothing to request (the same is true for kolla), you have not given any money, you (and kolla) are not even owning vampire. You do not like Gunnar, you do not even like his project, his design decisions and you do not like Aros but still you pop up in every related thread to inform everyone that you do not like it. I will tell you a well hidden secret.. we know it already. Funny, you ask for a standardization commitee, who will force gunnar later to do what this commitee decides? Simply forget it. The majority of real vampire users seem to be very happy with what they get and for amiga project it is a real big success. Who not wants it not needs to buy it.


I already explained it a couple of times in the past... apollo/vampire is far more than a accellerator, people who just want that and need something that is designed to integrate with existing hardware like graphic cards should not buy a vampire but a dedicated accellerator. The idea always was to have vampires in existing amigas as the easy solution so people have something to use and devs can port software for it, later add more features and at the end to have standalone devices. To start with standalone devices would have been the more challenging route but it is still the goal. Everybody who is fine with that should buy it, who just needs a simple accellerator should look for something different.
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