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Guy's thanks for the help. SInce yesterday, I seemed to have solved the problem. Although I had copied the 040/060 libs into the workbench LIBS: folder ( on the CF card bootable partion ) everytime I rebooted within winuae, I ket getting the warning stating that the libs were missing, and would not boot any further.

I eventually put the card in the 4000D and booted up, I still got the libs missing warning, but I was able to continue to boot up the rest of the way. Now, I had copied these libs and other stuff into a folder on the workbench folder, so I could then re copy the 040/060 libs into the LIBS: folder. I rebooted ( still on the A4000D ) and everything went well, with no warning.

So, I am at a loss as to why it didn't seem to work in Winuae ( and I'm not suggesting a bug! ). One thing I did do as an extra, was to copy the contents of the A4000 Modules disk, which was not asked for during the intial WB installation, into the various folders.

Any way, persaverance and stubboness carried the day. I now have 2 cards setup, with images saved for emergencies.

Thanks Again!

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