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Originally Posted by utukku View Post
Hi, need some help ( as I'm now getting desperate! ). I'm setting up a 16gb sandisk cf card up for an A4000 with 040 card, using the very latest winuae, and 3.1.4 install disks. I am also using 3.1.4 rom file. I have formatted trhe 1st partition and installed workbench without errors. But When trying to boot off the fresh install, I get an error saying 040/060 detected, but no libs etc. So I got the 040/libs from aminet, copied them to the LIBS folder on the fresh install on CF card. But it still keeps up with the same missing libs error? what am I missing?


The 040 libs are usually on the Workbench disks; well, they are on WB 3.1 anyway and will get installed into the "Libs" folder for 060 libs, you would need to download / add manually. You can grab from here, amongst other places:
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