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ClassicWB UAE and Retroplay WHD setup?

I have a hard time figuring out how this works or how to do stuff.
After hours of trying and Google i have to ask.

I'm using this one:
1. I did replace the winuae.exe with the latest winuae64.exe (4.3.0)
2. I did follow this instruction:

First thing i can't figure out how to get the german locale/keymap.
Where is Storage/Keymaps and Devs/Keymaps?

What about all this folders like \Hard Disk\Software\Games\I\IndianaJonesLastCrusAdv

I thought i just have to put the IndianaJones&TheLastCrusadeAdventure_v1.5_De_0343.lha there?

What about all the other folders? Do i need them if i don't install this games?

I cant find a step by step.
Really confusing...
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