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Using Samba with EasyNet

Ok now I've got EasyNet all setup on my A1200 with my wireless network card and want to take the next step....Samba!

The plan is to be able to access my PC's DVD drive from my humble Amiga...much better than cutting a hole in my Amiga case

Anyway I found this guide but it seems to be saying that I need Genesis where as EasyNet uses AimiTCP which is an older version of Genesis (I think).

So what are my chances getting Samba working with EasyNet & AmiTCP?

Or should I forget about Samba and use AmigaExplorer instead -> pros/cons?

Update: Actually it looks EasyNet has a built-in way of accessing Samba shared objects. So I guess all I need to do is install Samba on my PC and then start playing Simon the sorcerer 2?

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