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Originally Posted by wiz12 View Post
I've ordered one from Amigastore also and likewise they do not show any signs of shipping it yet, however I will stick with them since there's no guarantee Amigakit have that many units in stock.
this. I ordered mine from amigastore 07/5/2018 and it's still not shipped.

I've sent them an email a few days ago asking if there are any problems with my order. Payment is listed as accepted. No answer. I also sent an email regarding something else a few months back. no answer. Is everything okay with amigastore? They used to be alot faster with shipping and answering emails in the past. Maybe it's because of summer vacation and stuff?

Anyway, I think it's strange my A1200 case is not shipped when it was listed as in stock and ordered and payed 7 days ago. And no answer from them. Am a little bit worried.
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