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Remade ST/Amiga Format disks with labels

As the title says.

Due to CiA going missing and joining forces with Vitno, a lot of my work has been omitted from their site for some reason

So here's a taster of the disks & labels that have been completely remade using the original labels as a template. These are near exact replicas of the original labels and took an absolute age.

If AMR are interested, specifically Codetapper or Galaxy, You'll be welcome to the full size images. Just give me a PM

I have made the larger, but not the original size, floppies with labels available for anyone who would like them

You can find them on the EAB fileserver INSTRUCTIONS HERE, in "Uploads/DH/ST-Amiga Format Remade Disks, Labels & .adf's"

I have added "© 2017 DH" on the shutter but it's not too in your face

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